Mechanical Design Solution

Project Development Capability

Karrie has a wealth of experience providing engineering support to multiple aspects of product development – including manufacturing process design, product verification and testing, metal and plastic tooling design and fabrication as well as rapid prototyping on sheet metal and plastic parts – through OEM/JDM/ODM project collaborations with customers over the past decades.


Mechanical Design Capability

We provide complete turnkey mechanical design services with a commitment to achieving customized solutions to meet the product and quality specifications on hand.

Collaborating closely with customers from start to finish, Karrie’s development engineers are involved in OEM/JDM projects as early as the conceptual stage to offer their valuable design input, enriching outcomes. In design analysis, our engineers utilize DF”X” methodologies such as “Design for Manufacturability”, “Design for Quality”, “Design for Cost Effectiveness” and “Design for Maintenance Capability,” covering all project lifecycle considerations, from quality, cost of ownership to operational complexity.

Our tooling design engineers carry out Moldflow simulation analysis for mold design improvements and to accelerate the process. Our product development engineers also employ a variety of tools like Pro/Engineer, Unigraphics and AutoCard to save time and cost and attain “Time to Market” requirements.    


Electronic Module Verification and Testing Capability

Electronic modules design verification and qualification testing are among the specialty services we offer.
Our testing capabilities are sophisticated enough to meet any industrial requirements. Our testing engineers are adept at carrying components, modules and systems regulatory compliance tests, in line with industrial benchmarks.

Karrie’s engineers are also capable of conducting product testing according to predetermined specifications, while using embedded systems to design and build testing jigs, fixtures, semi- and fully-automated assembly systems and testing equipment that provide accurate assessments on product reliability, lifespan, functionality and production assemblies.