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Karrie has long history and rich experience to collaborate with customers on OEM / JDM / ODM project development.

Karrie is capable to provide strong engineering support service to her customers on the areas of product development, manufacturing process design, product verification and testing, metal and plastic tooling design and fabrication, and rapid prototype service on sheet metal and plastic parts.


Karrie is capable to provide complete turnkey mechanical construction design solution to her customers according to the required product and quality specification.

Karrie¡¦s development engineers do participate on the earlier involvement session in cooperate with her customers on OEM / JDM projects in order to provide our valuable design input to support customers during the product conceptive design stage. And in considering each of mechanical construction design proposal, according to the project development procedure perspective, our development engineers do carry out the design analysis by following DF¡§X¡¨ methodologies such as ¡§Design for Manufacturability¡¨; ¡§Design for Quality¡¨; ¡§Design for Cost Effectiveness¡¨; and ¡§Design for Maintenance Capability¡¨.

Our tooling design engineers do also carry out Moldflow simulation analysis during the mold design in order to improve the design and speed up the process. Our product development engineers are familiar to use Pro/Engineer, Unigraphics, and AutoCAD so that we can provide the mechanical design solution within a short period of time in order to achieve the ¡§Time to Market¡¨ requirement.


Karrie is capable to perform electronic modules design verification and qualification.

Karrie is also capable to carry out PCBA SMT manufacturing, ICT / FCT / Burn-in test in house. Our testing engineers are able to carry out components, modules, and systems regulatory compliance test according to the industrial standard.

Karrie¡¦s engineers are also capable of delivering product and production testing specification, and with extensive the testing development experience by use PLC technology and other embedded systems to design and to build the testing jigs, fixtures, semi and fully automation assembly systems and testing equipments in order to support the product reliability test, product lifetime test, production assembly and product functional test.


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