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Numeric control (NC) machining services can be divided into two main caterories: Sheetmetal and Component. For sheetmetal section, we can provide fabrication and assembly services for sheetmetal parts in both prototyping stage and small batch production. For component section, we support plastic rapid prototyping, components fabrication (both metal and plastic) and fixture builds.


Over 200 Sets of Stamping machines from 25 °V 600 tons, some machines are assemble with automatic Robot line .

Major Products: Server Casing, Computer Casing, POS, Kiosk


With over 180 sets modernized and advanced plastic injection machines with tonnage ranging from 55 - 1600 tons, we can handle the most up-to-date plastic injection manufacturing processes, including gas injection molding.

Majoir Products: Office Equipments, Computer Peripherals, Automotive Parts.


We currently have around 100 technicians in the mold department and are able to complete assignment with competitive lead time ranges from 20 to 60 days.


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